If, by now, you have the feeling that even starting out on this journey is asking too much, perhaps the links provided below will assist with a gentler departure. They have been selected to offer a broad base of diverse information that will more than likely hold a resonating thought amongst them. We hope that it may be the catalyst to take your Green proposition further. If you feel that we should add any links, please email us at mail@greenspa.co.za.
natural household products
information on organic cleaning
a green alternative to laundry detergent
bamboo furniture and products
individually handcrafted furniture using natural fibers
European Cosmetics Standards Working Group
organic fruit and vegetable market in Kwa-Zulu Natal
recycled insulation
eco friendly hygiene products
a searchable data base for low VOC paints, carpets and adhesives
Tier 3 emissions standard formulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency
natural cleaning products
sustainable solutions to increasing energy costs
on-line organic market in Cape Town
quick reference guide to harmful ingredients
International Spa Association
Fair Trade Tourism South Africa
on-line store for variety of organic products
data base of pesticide prevalence in fresh produce
organic fruit and vegetable box scheme in Gauteng
online natural food store
The Forest Stewardship Council
Western Cape organic fruit and vegetable box scheme
The Green Building Council of South Africa
green news and eco directory
on-line store for variety of organic products
on-line journal concerning aspects on green building
Green Spa Network
massage academy focusing on complementary therapies
vast range of hemp products
international seafood guide for sustainable seafood
variety of hand-crafted products made from reclaimed materials
range of woven fabrics
International Natural and Organic Cosmetic Association
on-line store for various organic products
organic fruit and vegetable box scheme in Gauteng
dedicated organic spa in Dullstroom
on-line store for a variety of organic products
Professional Accreditation Body of South Africa
range of bamboo products
South African Spa Association
Simply Green Magazine
International Slow Food Movement
Slow Food Cape Town Convivium
Slow Food Johannesburg Convivium

one stop information centre on green cleaning and online all natural and organic cleaning store

Food and Trees for Africa
informative website pertaining to reduce, re-use, recycle
green news and an organic/eco directory
articles on wellness
organic fruit and vegetable box scheme in Gauteng
door to door recycling business
organic fruit and vegetable box scheme in Western Cape
colour coded guide for selecting sustainable seafood available in South Africa
certified organic skin care range manufactured in South Africa