The first guide of its kind for spas and a vital tool to assist spa managers and owners in transforming spas to sustainable businesses.

The Green Spa Guide takes a very specific look at the spa and wellness industry and provides step-by-step guidelines and a holistic pathway to a sustainable business using Green principles. The golden thread connecting each page is that personal wellness is inextricably linked to and in harmony with planetary wellness.

Author, Charne le Roux is eminently qualified to write on the subject of The Green Spa. As the developer of the award-winning Vygenhoek Organic Spa, Charne is also a member of the Slow Food Movement and accredited by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

"I am thrilled about this book! It’s clearly a milestone for the spa community and exactly what is needed now. This guide brings much needed definition to the real meaning of a green spa. It covers all the bases showing how a green spa operates, chooses products, builds facilities, and relates to their communities, staff and guests

It precisely links the myriad connections between personal and planetary wellness, and shows in very specific ways how spa’s can play their part in humanities transition to the post carbon era. Thorough and exceptionally well done!"

Michael Stusser
Founding President of Green Spa Network (GSN)

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