To fully implement the measures to develop the Green Spa will require focus and resolve from Spa owners through to Spa support staff and to some extent, active participation by guests. A fully Green Spa may also not be achieved in the immediate short term because action is required on many levels. It is certainly accepted that many of the interventions may appear daunting at first, especially in the case of established Spas with existing infrastructures and business systems.

The transition to a Green Spa does not, however, need to start with a complete and major overhaul of the existing facility. Our expert team will guide any prospective Green Spa in determining the best way forward and will ensure that the intended result is not placed out of reach of willing minds and hands who would otherwise have participated enthusiastically in the conversion. Smaller, individual goals that ultimately contribute to the same concept can be set. By and large, the better place to start with the journey is to foster a mindset of Sustainability and a culture of respect and mindfulness. With that in place, smaller and quite achievable targets will be more easily reached, helping to build an ever bigger foundation on which to establish the emerging Green Spa. This process is guaranteed to hold rewards for all stakeholders.