Our Spas are wellness generators and by their very nature and existence, promote the health and wellbeing of our guests. Therefore, a logical extension of Spa activity must be to promote the health and wellness of our environment and also the community in which we operate. This is what Spas all over the world are increasingly aiming to achieve.

Spa guests also drive the quest for sustainable and ethical business by asking us important questions:

Are the products that we offer continuously re-usable, or biodegradable so that, eventually, they replenish the earth?
Are there any social or community benefits in the production of these products?
Are the products really good for our Spa guests and the environment?
Do we conduct ethical trade?
Do our businesses consume resources in a sustainable way?

Green Spa Company and the resources that we offer here to our Spa partners are aimed to assist and guide Spas to become the Green Spas of the future. Our philosophy promotes all-round wellbeing for Spa guests and the operation of a sustainable Spa business model, promoting a harmonious relationship between the Spa and its surrounding landscape and communities. The underlying Green Spa philosophy is that personal wellness connects with and is interdependent on earth- and community wellness.

Green Spas are fast becoming the destinations of choice for a discerning clientele. Prospective Spa guests are beginning to weigh a Spa’s environmental- and community upliftment policies, and reward those Spas who have shown to have incorporated authentic, natural and indigenous treatments, hired local staff and contributed to the local communities.

The time to make a change is now.