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    Welcome to Green Spa

    The Ultimate Herbal Experience
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    Herbal Therapy

    Designed to transport you into a state of deep relaxation.

About Us

Green Spa offers The Ultimate Herbal Experience with bespoke Treatments designed to transport you into a state of deep relaxation. Our holistic approach to Relaxation and Wellness focuses on blending the traditional Spa with our Signature Herbal Healing Therapies.

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The Experience





Herbal Experience


Our Treatments

Herbal Therapies all treatments are 80min. Drinks on arrival (Herbal Tea), Snaks, Full Body Massage (Deep Tissue/Traditional Massage) Pedicure (Foot Soak, Foot File and Buff, Foot Scrub and Massage).

Traditional Massage Therapy

This full body Therapy massages with flowing and relaxing movements designed to deeply relax, improve circulation and rejuvenate the body.

Herbal Foot/ Hand Therapy

This Therapy has you soaking in nourishing herbs infused water, exfoliating with our creamy Herbal scrubs followed by a customed pressure point foot massage and our signature 478 breathing exercises.

Energise Therapy

This Therapy is great to Energise the body and is also an effective remedy for headaches sprains, rheumatism etc.

Deep Tissue Therapy

Deep Therapy gently targets the body’s deepest layers of muscles and releases tension with our Signature mix of slow, short strokes and penetrating Customized Pressure focused on tight contracted areas.

Sports Therapy

Our Sports therapy improves overall performance and prevents injuries, releases endorphins therefore optimizing anti anxiety and anti depression properties.

Healing Hotstone Therapy

Hotstone Therapy through muscle to open your blood vessels and put you in a state of deep relaxation both Physically and Mentally

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